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Wellywood | Queen's Birthday

I'm going to begin by saying, I don't know who's idea it was to emulate Hollywood by nick naming our capital Wellywood and trying to rip off the iconic Hollywood sign, but I'm pleased AF to learn that the intended sign was replaced by a new art peice called Wellington: Blown Away. It also features as one of the Wellington Snapchat Geo filters.
And after spending four days in Wellington I have sworn I will never again complain about it being too cold in Auckland.
Hello. It's me.

Queens Birthday weekend was my third visit to Wellington and my second for wrestling related reasons. This time though, my trip was for the Wellington Armageddon Expo from the 3rd to the 5th of June. Our team at IPW put on THREE SHOWS A DAY FOR THREE DAYS.
A few of us arrived the day before to set up prior to the event and spend some quality time catching up and seeing the sights Wellington had to offer. We roamed the Cuba Mall strip while waiting for our other friends who were arriving lat…