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Auckgeddon17: I met Holland Roden

Oh hello, it’s an Armageddon blog.  This time there’s no food involved because I was too hype to eat anything all weekend. Oops
Pre Geddon Friday I learnt how to drive a truck! So that was exciting. We set up the ring for the upcoming weekend and I got to meet a cute little goat. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness however, it was actually head butting me.

On Saturday Amber, Candy and I had a look at some of the stalls and I picked up a Princess Aurora Pop Vinyl -as previously mentioned she is my fav Disney Princess. I also had my first match against Delilah for the first round of the Woman’s Armageddon Cup Tournament.

Delilah is awesome, she’s fairly new and comes from another Auckland promotion, which she worked at right after our match together. A group of IPW folk went to watch and support her, she didn’t come out with the big W, but she did a great job. After the show, I headed to Father Ted’s to chill with two of the #KiwiClassics Will and TK.
On Sunday morning I met with Will and …

If You Wanna Break These Walls Down You’re Gonna Get Bruised

From seeing me on social media, you probably wouldn’t know that I grew up being the odd one out. I was targeted in school by girls my age for dressing differently and not being interested in partying or boys. I didn’t keep friends for very long because they would be scared away by my father or get bored that I was never allowed to hang out after school/stay over on weekends.
That feeling of ‘outsider-ness’ has stuck with me as an adult, I still have a constant fear that people will discover I’m not ‘cool’ and cast me aside, and for that reason I find it incredibly difficult to connect with or trust people when I’m never sure if people like me for who I am, rather than what I can get them.
However, I’m extremely lucky to have found people in wrestling who are as odd as me, who understand feeling like an outsider – but never treat me like one. Part of the reason I developed my character The Princess of Ponsonby is because she is so opposite to me, while she flaunts her wealth and beaut…

Find The Gold

Our attitude in life is what makes or breaks us.

A few months ago, by complete accident, I was concussed in a match. I blacked out momentarily and when I came to, silly me thought I could continue the match. To this day I still have no recollection of the 30 - 40 minutes post match.
For weeks my whole life was turned upside down, no one besides my employer really knew what I was experiencing because I didn’t want to have to stop wrestling, and I knew that I would be made to stop if I had told them what was really going on.

I could feel myself slowly sinking into the black hole and I knew that I had to start making changes if I wanted to get better.

My point here is that it is very easy to dwell in negative situations, big or small. It’s human nature infact. It takes constant conscious effort to create a life worth living, and that begins with a choice.
A choice to see and strengthen the positive in your daily life. Surround yourself with people you love,  and laugh until your belly ac…