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Three Cheers (for the Heel)

Today I talk wrestling. (I'm not claiming to be right, as always the interpretation of professional wrestling is down to the viewer, so if your views differ to mine - that's ok!)

One of the early wrestling psychology basics that I was taught was about the dynamics of Face Vs. Heel. Or in non wrestling terms - the Good Guy Vs. the Bad Guy.
In wrestling, the face is the hero of the story, and the heel is the protagonist who provides hurdles that the face has to overcome. Generally speaking, the face is the better wrestler and when the heel realizes this they turn to cheating (or bending the rules) to gain leverage.
So why then, have crowds begun to cheer for the bad guy?
If you try google searching this topic, you'll probably find yourself just as confused as I am right now. Are the faces lacking in charisma? Are the heels just bad at their jobs? Are fans just really into seeing the Ref getting kicked in the balls?
When I developed my character "The Princess of Ponsonby…