Auckgeddon17: I met Holland Roden

Oh hello, it’s an Armageddon blog. 
This time there’s no food involved because I was too hype to eat anything all weekend. Oops

Pre Geddon Friday I learnt how to drive a truck! So that was exciting.
We set up the ring for the upcoming weekend and I got to meet a cute little goat. Don’t be fooled by its cuteness however, it was actually head butting me.

On Saturday Amber, Candy and I had a look at some of the stalls and I picked up a Princess Aurora Pop Vinyl -as previously mentioned she is my fav Disney Princess.
I also had my first match against Delilah for the first round of the Woman’s Armageddon Cup Tournament.

Delilah is awesome, she’s fairly new and comes from another Auckland promotion, which she worked at right after our match together. A group of IPW folk went to watch and support her, she didn’t come out with the big W, but she did a great job.
After the show, I headed to Father Ted’s to chill with two of the #KiwiClassics Will and TK.

On Sunday morning I met with Will and TK for brunch and we watched some WWE 205 Live before  heading back to Geddon for day 2.

In the afternoon  we had the final of the Armageddon Cup, it was Britenay vs. Candy Lee vs. Me and Candy won to become the first ever Women’s Armageddon Cup Champion. Maori Tv were on hand to capture it all for a documentary they were filming about Candy.
After the show we had to take Will to Auckland hospital because he got hit by a clothesline and split his eye open, didn’t get a photo of that because it was gross!
We headed to Pizza Hut with TK and his partner Leo afterwards, I picked up the new Vegan Pizza, and then we headed to the Auckland museum to chow down.

On Monday I knew I was meeting Holland Roden, Star of Teen Wolf so I dressed up a bit, and managed to get a snap with Mickey Mouse in my Minnie Bow.

Holland was super cute, I asked her to wear the bow so I could pretend we were just mates hanging out at a Disney park, lol.
Thanks to Ryan Hull for hooking me up with this!
I also met Jessica Nigri who was amazing and chatted for ages, she was kind enough to take a Polaroid with me and sign it.

All in all, it was a great weekend with an awesome team. 



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