Table For Three

So I had a really exciting blog planned where I asked for twitter users to submit questions, but then after recording our conversation answering all the questions, I put my phone in my pocket without locking it and deleted everything. Oops.

So anyway, it was Vegan night once again at Gypsy Caravan in Ponsonby, so of course Amber, Candy and I were all over it.

Candy was late.
It was really great to catch up with the girls, I’ve been super stressed about work lately and have been bugging them non stop about my first world problems 😂

The menu was pretty complex and I didn’t actually take a proper picture of it so I truly have no idea what we ate, I just know it was delicious.
It was our second visit to Gypsy Caravan, and it was super cosy. I think the next time I have a real date I’ll come back here. The regular menu has options for omni’s and vegan’s alike, so atleast I don’t have to worry about not being able to find something to eat on the menu.

I also took my first sip of alcohol in 11 months, tasting Amber’s cocktail. I’ll probably be hung over tomorrow. 

If you are keen for us to record a monthly podcast on a females perspective of the NZ Wrestling scene, let me know in the comment section!



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