New Year; Same Princess

Happy 2018! Welcome to a New Year!
It's still me, your favorite Princess, just slightly jazzed up.

Last Saturday marked my first PWE Women's Championship Title defence of 2018, I had the pleasure of wrestling Grace Lightning. 

Grace has been through some tough times in the last year, and I know that wrestling in front of a live audience is one of the things she's been itching to do the most, so I'm so happy I finally got to get in the ring with her and give her that experience. I've wrestled her once before at a secret student show back in October '17 and the change in her in ring work and presence has improved so much since, I'm really proud of how far she has come and cant wait to see her in more shows.

It was also my boyfriend's first ever match outside of our home promotion and thanks to a Roaring Elbow that he took half way through the match, we are now nick named Concussion Couple (or CC for short), which is a vast improvement on AshNunu (which was terrible). He finished the match and came back stage afterwards, not remembering anything, but was only worried about whether or not he had eaten plums that day (he had). Then we drove 2.5 hours back to Auckland, stopping at the only place that was open - McDonalds in Warkworth - for dinner.

I made my first Vlog of this trip which you can watch here if you are interested (it includes some clips of myself and Grace's match).
If you like it, let me know - maybe I'll make more in the future.

In other news, I got my first wrestling sponsorship this year with Collar & Elbow which is really exciting, they have given me a 10% off code for my fans, so if you like anything from them use 'HELLOASPEN' to save yourself a few dollars.

Hope the New Year is treating you well!


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