Gypsy Caravan

Last Wednesday night, a few of us IPW girls got together to try out the new Vegan menu at Gypsy Caravan in Ponsonby.

L-R: Candy Lee, Amber Saint, Ashlee Spencer (me)

It was my first visit to Gypsy, so I was very excited. The restaurant is tucked away in Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Rd and the vibe there is just amazing. The Caravan is there too and now serves as the bar.

Gypsy debuted a vegan/vegetarian menu for the month of May.

We each had the set vegan menu, and were spoilt with a few extras.
The entree was lightly toasted fresh bread with fennel butter and dukkah. 

Jez's Bread
A lil extra: Spiced Pumpkin Custard with Pistachios 

Another surprise: Potato Broth with Shitake Mushrooms

It was really nice to get all three of us together to bond over food and our passion for wrestling in a relaxed environment with no show pressures or time constraints.
And we took a lot of selfies.

Skordalia, Beets, Peas and more Dukkah

Falafel, Cauliflower and Broccoli

Dessert was delicious and definitely my favourite meal of the night. Passion fruit is my absolute favourite fruit/flavouring. The dessert was a passion fruit cake with chocolate ice cream and crushed raspberry.

So there you have it, a quick little review.
All three of us are spending the weekend in Tauranga for the Armageddon convention, where we hope to catch up again and hike The Mount!

If you liked any of the food displayed you can check out Gypsy Caravan here.

If you'd like to check out what we are up to this weekend at Armageddon, you can find out more here.

- Ashlee.


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