But First, Coffee!

This past weekend was full of firsts for me, which is why today, I need a coffee I.V!

On Saturday, I had my first alcoholic beverage of the year, made my first beach trip of the summer, I went to town for the first time in over a year, had my first donut from the new Tart Bakery at St Kevin’s arcade, first Karaoke, and had my first yelling match on Queen Street (oops).

Saturday was the Unofficial IPW end of year gathering, which is why I broke my dry spell and had alcohol for the first time this calendar year.

Steph and Leilani came to chill at my house prior for girl time and pre-drinks, we headed out to mission bay in our bikini’s (but forgot towels, so didn’t swim) and took a stroll along the beach.

We then went to St Kevin’s arcade on Karangahape Road to try the fresh fruit icecream that Tart Bakery had been advertising, unfortunately the shop had over heated and the machine wasn’t working! (We’ll go back another time).Instead I got a bright red iced donut and stopped next door at Lord of The Fries for snacks.

 Amber and Jake met us back at my apartment later on so we could record Episode 2 of the Beauty and the Brainbuster podcast - drunk wrestling bants edition.
If you haven’t already, check out Episode 1 here.

Then all 5 of us headed into town to meet up with the rest of the crew at Wills heading to Ding Dong Lounge.

The we headed to Rock Bar for a spot of Karaoke. Shit got kinda messy here, and this is where I ended up yelling in the middle of the street before storming off and sitting by myself in Aotea Square for a good half hour before sneaking back in acting like nothing happened (again, oops).

I had a good time over all but it really reminded me of all the reasons I stopped drinking and going to town/bars to begin with so I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. 
Some highlights were: singing a duet with Amber (Grease - Summer Nights), Trying to stop Leilani undressing her self in the street, Leilani pushing her way to the front of the line at BK, then throwing her fries at people and following up by complaining she didn’t have enough to eat.

We got home around 2am, and then had to get up at 7am to get ready for the C3 Ellerslie Neighbourhood Party. I was wrecked from lack of sleep so decided not to wrestle in case I caused any injuries, so instead I was the bell ringer and ring guard along side Leilani who was too hungover and I entertained the crew by relaying stories of all the silly things she’d done the night before much to her chagrin.

My next (and final) live event for the year is IPW’s Nightmare before Christmas - general admission tickets are still available (front row has sold out!). I’m booked against Delilah who is a newcomer to IPW live shows and is also the youngest female wrestler in New Zealand!
Excited to see everyone there, it’s going to be a fantastic night.



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