RotoVegas Pt. 3: Vegan Eats

Going to stay in a smaller city can be sort of daunting if you are Vegan, because you don't really know where you will actually be able to eat (without having to do a whole grocery shop and cook from scratch) unless you have other Vegan friends in the area - which I don't.
There is always Happy Cow, but for Rotorua there weren't many entries and most of those were just Vegetarian.

So here are a few places I discovered in Rotorua that were Vegan friendly.

Night Markets

Rotorua Night Markets run on Thursdays from 5pm, I found three different stalls selling Vegan food which was pretty surprising as I was not expecting there to be more than one!

I had Seitan Nuggets (called Wicked Nippers) and a pulled pork style Vege Burger from a food truck called Mr. Jacksons which travels from Tauranga each week.

Another option was El Cartel Mexicano who advertised Vegan options with there usual offerrings of quesadillas, burritos, nachos and tacos.

And lastly Tea & Happiness who served 100% raw vegan food.

Sweet Treats

I had heard about a cafe called Baked making vegan donuts, they had run out when I arrived so instead I tried the Pina Colada Shake which was delicious

Cafe Style

Previously I have also been to Capers Epicurean who have vegan cabinet food and slices as well as a dry goods section, they make an excellent raw Vegan caramel slice from dates. 

Take Out

Some safe takeout options include the Sinister from Hell Pizza (or any vege pizza with the cheese replaced by Angel Food's Dairy Free Cheddar), the new V8 Vegan burger from Burger Fuel, Falafel Pita or Salad from Pita Pit or you could make your own salad/juice combo at the Tank Juice Bar.

Have you discovered any Vegan dining gems? Let me know!

Happy Dining!


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