RotoVegas Pt. 2: Boxing Day

My favourite thing about Rotorua is how close you are to nature. 
On Boxing Day I went to The Redwoods National Park (Whakarewarewa Forest) to hike and spend some time in nature - it's only 10 minutes from my parents house. 

I spent around 2 hours exploring the tracks, stopping in the Nursery Road area to have a snack and take some pictures from the look out.
Of course I also got some typical white girl pictures, though if you are going to do this, I recommend wearing sunblock because I forgot and now my shoulders and back are burnt as f*ck.

After the hike, I met my family back at Blue lake for another turn at paddle boarding before heading home (and grabbing some Pita Pit on the way).

If you are planning on heading to Rotorua here are a few other interesting things you could try:
  •  The Polynesian Spa
  • Redwoods Tree Walk
  • aMAZEme
  • Rotorua Night Markets (thursday nights)
  • Skyline Luge/Gondola's

If you have a favourite spot in Rotorua that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments.



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